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the olive tree taverna - easter break


Event Start: 16 Apr 2017 00:00


Have you ever been to Greece on Easter time ? If not you don’t know what you are missing!  Come and share this very special time with us,  learn more about our culture, the way we celebrate Easter, the whole week is just magic, especially from Easter Thursday until the following Monday  is great, lots of things are happening every day and night and finally on Sunday join us for the lamb feast. Start the day with a small breakfast ( we need it because we are going to dance, drink and nibble for hours until the lamb is ready )

The lamb is cooked slowly on the spit and everyone will have a go turning the spit, this is not the only spit going, a smaller spit with some delicious spicy pork  will be also on . The pork will stay for two days in the marinade to absorb the aromas of warm spices and wild mountain herbs.

Easter Sunday this year is on the 16th of April , if you fancy experiencing this wonderful  celebration, visit the Olive Tree villas website for more details. Flights are also available from UK with EasyJet.

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