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the olive tree taverna - antigua




we been here 16 days so far, the people are amazing and the food is great, its excactly what i want when i am on

holiday or even at home. Fresh fish and seafood, bbq chicken and pork with spices and herbs and of course rice.

Everything comes with rice in this part of the world  which is cooked most of the time really good.

Yesterday we went for a swim in a lovely beach call Valley Church, after a couple of hours of swimming, chilling and sun-bathing

i went to the only bar restaurant ( NEST ) to have a cold Wooadadly ( the local beer ), where i had a chat with the barman ( Dion )

very friendly guy, looked at the menu and there was all the tresures of the sea.

got miself another beer and an Englih Harbur dark rum and tonic for Diana and went to finder her sitting under a tree chilling and watching the waves and the little tour boats.

Went back to the Nest after drinks and more swimming to have some lunch, she had the best coconut shrimps ever and i had

a whole fresh red snapper done Creole style, it was one of the best fish dishes i ve ever had, absolutely amazing.

And here i am thinking why in Europe and i am talking northern Europe we dont want to eat and enjoy a whole fish  ?

Why everything has to be filleted these days, all the fun of eating with your hands is gone,  the taste of fish, lobster, chicken etc its not the same, bones are flavour, can you make a soup with no bones ? Noooo

We have a similar to Creole recipe for fish ( if not better ) call Bourdetto, so next time you come to the Taverna and you fancy

a bit of Lilian  just ask me, you wont regret it.

Love & Ouzo



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